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Price: 7.323 € delivery time: 8 weeks.

Sauna description:
The Cristallo sauna is almost identical with the Goverla. However, there is one substantial difference between two of them. The rear wall of this barrel sauna is made of class. This glass design and nice terrace add to this sauna uniqueness.

+ ThermoWood
+ 1,300 kg
+ For 4-6 persons
+ 2,400 mm  x 3,960 mm x 2,400 mm

The price of this sauna includes:

Stoveman R13 heater, a chimney, water tank, protective walls around the heater. The exterior of the sauna is treated with natural resin-based Teknos oil. The interior of the sauna is also treated with this oil. Outside shell is covered with asphalt tiles/Canadian shingle.

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