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Products we sell are made of Northern spruce.


ThermoWood is a material with thermal and moisture treatment. Thermal treatment of wood is completely ecological because ThermoWood treatment works by heat and water vapour only. ThermoWood is manufactured by the patented method in special drying chambers with the temperature from 160 to 215°C. During thermal treatment, wood cell structure of ThermoWood is changed in such way that thermally treated wood shows much better dimension stability compared to the wood without thermal treatment. This phenomenon is caused by the fact that using thermal treatment the ability of humidity absorption in wood is decreased by up to 50% and subsequent shrinkage does not occur. Thus, under the conditions of usual changeable humidity, ThermoWood material is stable in terms of shape and dimensions. During the thermal process, all the resin is removed as well as infusible biological substances and cellulose, lignin and hemicelluloses are decomposed. Due this fact, thermally insulating properties of ThermoWood are improved and wood thermal conductivity is reduced (by up to 25%). Thus, in the sun, thermally treated wood is not hot for feet and can be used for seating areas in saunas. Due to the absence of nutritious substances ThermoWood can resist to wood-destroying insects and fungus. Depending on the length and intensity of thermal treatment, ThermoWood colour can change. Thermally treated ThermoWood gets almost dark brown shade namely in its entire cross section and due to these changes it is possible to use it in the interior and exterior and also in shop floors with high temperature and humidity. ThermoWood is a material with the minimum lifetime of 30 years. 

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